The Non-Profit Wright Choice

WrightChoice, Inc. was established in 2001 and was a registered 501(c)(3) organization that served educational institutions, business and non-profit communities by sourcing and developing under-represented talent. Their services focused on career and professional development, job readiness, internship placement, disability inclusion and diversity training.

The Wright Choice mission was to prepare underrepresented talent with the resources needed to be successful and productive in the workplace by being committed to balancing and diversifying the workforce through talent placement, professional training, and community engagement.
The WrightChoice, Inc vision was three-fold:
  1. To consistently provide employers with career-ready talent.
  2. To provide social and economic empowerment to underrepresented talent through internships and career opportunities.
  3. To develop lasting partnerships with educational institutions, businesses and non-profit communities through workforce development and diversity training programs.

Services Offered

Wright Choice offered many career planning based services including:

“I know I want to do something in the communications field but I'm not exactly sure what?” The road to employment for a college student should always include one or more internships. WrightChoice links students to customized and competitive internship opportunities within small-businesses, nonprofits, government, and corporate America.
Professional development is at the helm of what we do... It is our foundation! WrightChoice is committed to developing our next generation of leaders and that begins with fostering a deeper understanding of themselves and their relationships. EPD workshop topics focus on personal, professional and leadership development for the 21st Century workforce.

What am I going to do with the rest my life? Why in the am I taking classes that have nothing to do with what I want to do when I graduate? We can help you answer these questions and many more by creating a roadmap to your future. We can coach you trough navigating life's obstacles and connecting the dots between your major and your future career.

As a freshman in college it's okay to be undecided in your major. But the light bulb should come on by your sophomore year. During high school and the beginning of your college career  you should take the time to engage in career exploration activities. We can design an exploration opportunity for careers you may be interested in.  Activities include job shadowing or informational interviews.
Will your resume survive the first 30 second review? Did you ask the right questions after the interview? Will your resume score an “A”? Oh it's possible!  If you are uncertain about your answers to these questions we can coach you to excellence.
In order for companies to compete globally they will have to leverage all human capital and resources.  Similarly, people with disabilities need to be ready for the opportunity. WrightChoice educates and empowers audiences from the college campus to the workplace, sharing successful strategies for inclusion, promoting self-awareness and advocacy.

There is no rule that says you can only have one mentor. Mentors are needed in marriage, education, spirituality, career and life in general. Mentors serve as advisors or human navigation systems. WrightChoice connects you to "professional mentors". The best time to seek a mentor who can help you navigate all-things career related is while you are in college. WrightChoice can assist you through Mentor Connections!
Often times college students are trapped in a bubble called "campus" and they seldom connect with the business community outside campus limits. WrightChoice partners with student organizations to host events that bring professionals to campus to network, educate, and empower our next generation of young leaders.



Wright Choice helpful countless students in navigating through some of the most important decisions in their life. Their service to the young community will never be forgotten!